[mythtv-users] Does it matter which Hauppauge tv-card i buy???

jdonohue654-mythtv at yahoo.com jdonohue654-mythtv at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 15 17:01:59 UTC 2007

>  	I'm jumping into this late, but I'm assuming
> you're using 
> composite or s-vid out of the 5200?  The problem is
> that video cards with 
> tvout are inherently crap.  Not fundamentally, but
> inherently.  The 
> frequencies, interlacing, and resolution necessary
> to generate a TV signal 
> are completely different that that which is in the
> VRAM on the card to be 
> output to a monitor.  Horizontal, vertical, and
> temporal rescaling are 
> typically done, and in most cases done in a
> proprietary fashion that may 
> be crappy.
> The difference
> is that the 350 
> is generating the video specifically for NTSC
> hardware... not as an 
> afterthought and add-on to the primary monitor. 
> Before I went to 
> component on a new TV, I build a circuit to connect
> directly to the VGA 
> port.  It required a modeline to generate *exact*
> NTSC timings and worked 
> and looked beautiful.  Trouble is it's interlaced,
> 29.97 Hz vertical, and 
> 15.738kHz horizontal in 720x480... basically half of
> regular 640x480 VGA 
> and many vid cards refused to do it.
> -Cory

I'm using s-video out. I just bought a 6200 which
happens to have component out, which I was going to
use for a new slave backend I'm building. But maybe
I'll move that card to the front end to try component

As you mentioned, the 350's hardware is made exactly
for the job, and it does very well using the xv
driver. So I don't really understand why so many
people recommend against the 350 for SD viewing.
Still, I'd like to see if I can get the same quality 
video out that others have reported.

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