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Fri Sep 14 19:22:29 UTC 2007

On 9/14/07, Brian Walter <blwalter at gmail.com> wrote:
> Preston Crow wrote:
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> <snip>
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> > Also, I noticed that it will only show one channel for a given number.
> > According to schedulesdirect, I have four channels on 56 and two on 67;
> > I assume this means it changes depending on the time of day.  I'm not
> > sure how that's handled.  It would be even more confusing if I did
> > broadcast NTSC and picked up the other channel 56 (different from the
> > two 56s on cable).
> >
> > Is there a fix for this?
> >
> Yes, mythweb does not show duplicate channesl with the same call sign -
> In my case (and probably yours - since we both have wbz), for instance,
> I get the SciFi from directv (244?) and from comcast cable (some 2 digit
> number).  Mythweb will only show the one from the cable source, since
> they both have the same callsign - 'SciFi'.  I assume you can change the
> call signg - SciFiCB or SciFiDTV, and get them both to appear, but, it's
> not been *that* urgent of an issue for me.
> In your case of of both ATSC and QAM for WBZ, I believe you can get
> around that by setting the the QAM input to a higher priority ...
> Brian

Based on what I just read this morning in the MythTV HOWTO (sorry, can't
cite the location, it was near the section someone else referenced about
advanced recording rules) there is a reason you might *not* want to make
the callsigns different.  If they're the same, then the scheduler
that it has two choices for a program source.  For example, if you have
and OTA, you can give priority to the cable (cleaner signal?) and still get
a show recorded on the OTA input if the cable input is already being used
to capture some other program.  Of course, this assumes you have multiple
capture cards, but then doesn't *everyone* whose had MythTV running for
more than a couple of weeks? ;-)


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