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Daniel Westendorf dwestendorf at scottusa.com
Fri Sep 14 16:40:29 UTC 2007

So last night I wiped out Mythdora and gave Mythbuntu's alpha a go. For
an alpha release, it blew my socks off. Almost everything worked like a
cherry, right from the get go. Here are some things I noticed about

1. It comes without a Desktop when installing a backend/frontend combo.
I like this idea, because it makes it a dedicated system, but I ran into
some problems. This box connect to the internet over wireless, but there
is no place for wifi configuartion(at least I didn't see it). This did
cause a problem because without an internet connection, it wasn't able
to download the Nvidia drivers for my video card. That was fine, it
threw an error message, but it still went ahead and configured the
X-server to use the Nvidia drive (which wasn't available). So I had to
edit my xorg.conf from the command line and to even get the display
going. It would be nice if you could configure wide aspect ratio
displays from the GUI instead of having to add a Mode in the Xorg.conf

Anywho, without a Desktop you would have some trouble connecting to a
wireless network if you don't know how to do it from the command line.
This seems to be the largest problem with the whole install for me.

2. My new WMCE remote worked out of the box, not config, except for the
back button. It wasn't even mentioned in the lircrc file. WTF? Small
detail though.

3. Loved how it configured .htaccess for mythweb for me, and simply
asked for my username and password

4. I wish it would install the same themes as Mythdora (unofficial

5. Once I got my wireless running, I did an apt-get upgrade without
editing my sources lists. I think the latest packages for Mythtv came
from the Ubuntu repos, not the mythbuntu repos.

6. Now that everything is said and done, it is much more stable than
Mythdora or even Fiesty with the Mythtv packages. It runs freaking
awesome without any problems. I will be sticking with mythbuntu. I would
recommend it for anyone who likes ubuntu more than the other distros.

Daniel Westendorf

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Hey guys-

I was wondering if anyone has been using Mythbuntu and how it works for
them? I started out with Ubuntu with the Mythtv packages, which I liked
but decided it was a little too much configuration when all was said and
done. I'm currently running Mythdora, but I'm not a huge fan of it
either, mostly because I don't like FC. I'm wanting to give Mythbuntu a
try. Anyone know how well it works? Thanks.

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