[mythtv-users] Good old XvMC .. don't you love it

Thomas Kessler electronikjunkie at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 13:23:25 UTC 2007

On 9/14/07, Damian <damian at gingermagic.co.uk> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I had another try with XvMC last night and actually got a bit further
> with it. I'm only wanting it for standard defination playback, but as my
> system specs aren't great I'm hoping that it will help with occasional
> jittery/stuttery playback I get (especially on BBC1).
> I have three questions regarding XvMC:
> 1) What's the best way to tell if it's working or not?
> I find the frontend log confusing.
> Times when I've thought that it is working, the fronend it thowing out
> all sorts of odd info.
> Time when I've though it's not it's throwing out different info.
> What should I be looking for?
> 2) Is it still the case that BOBx2 is the only deinterlacer that works
> with XvMC or is that old information (it's in the Myth guide I was
> looking at)
> My previous de-interlacing preference was 'kernel'
> 3) The times when I've thought that I did have XvMC working, it's had
> kind of flickery lines at the top and/or bottom of the screen and and
> logos on screen look flickery. Is that normal?
> Is XvMC a sacrifice in quality for the sake of speed?
> I thougth it was just a speed increse.
> It's frustrating that I spend most of my day at a Windows machine, which
> is where my email is set up for this list. It makes it so much harder to
> just send a few lines from the logs to enquire about.
> Cheers
> Damian

You'll know XvMC is working when you have a  black and white OSD (on screen
display). In order to use Bob or One field deinterlace, XvMC must be
working. I would suggest compiling the Nvidia drivers from source, this
seemed to be the best route for me. My setup is around 4 months old, but you
may find my installation notes useful. Go here: www.djk-rite.com and search
mythtv in the blog.

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