[mythtv-users] Diagnosing a memory leak

Andrew Williams andy at tensixtyone.com
Fri Sep 14 10:20:19 UTC 2007

I'm being bugged with a memory leak within the Mythbackend and I need
some advise on identifying the problem area that's causing it. I'm
running on SVN trunk on Gentoo 2007.0 with the latest eBuild available
(1440ish? Just after the vid merge), I run 2 x Technotrend C-1500
(DVB-C) and 1 x Nova-T (Inactive)

The leak seems to be occurring during recording, as one program I
record daily is 3hrs (a radio show) it usually ends with a disk
thrash-fest or with user jobs failing with error 255 (which i guess is
no memory available to fork). it doesn't seem to be related to the
program type as it leaks on all shows.

I've attached two graphs from my Cacti install[1] and you'll see theres a
obvious leak during recordings, what I find interesting is that I've
got my mfd running at 4am and around that time the leaky memory seemed
to be released.

Any ideas?

[1] http://tensixtyone.com/recording.png

Andrew Williams
w: http://nikdoof.net
e: andy at tensixtyone.com

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