[mythtv-users] MythStreamTV on Mythdora - streaming problems

Ian Lowis ian.lowis at anton-group.com
Fri Sep 14 08:07:33 UTC 2007

> I recently did a fresh install of MythDora 4.0 and began exploring the
> features of MythStreamTV and have successfully accessed my listings,
> upcoming recordings, etc. via the internet.  However, I'm having
> difficulties getting my recordings to stream.

> The Launch Stream link shows mms://  The backend
> resides at  Shouldn't the mms link be referencing the
> backend IP address?  If so, how do I change the mms IP address?

> I had the same problem until I updated the mythtv packages. have a look at
> the following post http://g-ding.tv/?q=node/2204


> I checked your posted link which recommended running the mythstreamtv
install.sh script located in /usr/share/mythstreamtv. I ran install.sh which
> seem to run OK except I was never prompted for user specific information
like the backend server IP address, etc..  Suggestions?

> BTW, I used Ryan Pisani's update script located at
http://dl.atrpms.net/mythdora/sdxmltvsetup.sh to update my system for
Schedules Direct prior to me > attempting to stream video via mythstream. 
I'm not sure if that has anything to do with my troubles.

Just edit the /usr/share/mythstreamtv/install.sh and change:


To the correct IP

Then re-run the install script

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