[mythtv-users] TV playback size

David Brieck Jr. dbrieck at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 03:39:47 UTC 2007

> Thanks for the suggestion. The picture that's showing up is the
> correct 4:3 ratio, it's just showing smaller than it should be. I'm
> having some trouble getting my video card to do a widescreen mode so
> I'm just going to start with a normal mode that I know works.
> The GUI is showing up the correct size, it's just the TV that's zoomed
> out almost. I tried changing to 800x600 to see if that would help but
> the video still ends up the same size, zoomed out.

I tried messing around with a few debug options to see if I could get
any more information. What seems to make everything correct again
probably isn't a permanent solution, but at least it is something.

If I start the frontend with "env NO_XV=1 mythfrontend" then the
picture size is correct again. I'm not sure if that means xv isn't
working right or if something isn't getting detected properly.

Any ideas anyone?

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