[mythtv-users] Free US/Canada Listings (Attempting to get back on-topic)

Ivan Kowalenko kichigaimentat at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 02:29:54 UTC 2007

Pardon the top-post, but I'm going to get back on the topic of  

On Sep 5, 2007, at 21.20, J Douglas wrote:

> Here is a list of free TV listing sites for US/Canada.
> Yahoo GO - US Listings
> TitanTV - US Listings
> ---------------------
> ??? (Bundled Products ATI/Hauppauge)
> IMDB - US Listings
> GemStar Guide + = US/Canada Cable/Antenna (No Satellite)
> See Also:
> http://gbpvr.com/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Manual/EPG

Now, does anyone know of the TOS's of any of THESE services disallow  
scraping? Any other alternatives? I mean, I subscribe to Comcast  
Cable, does Comcast have a TOS that allows me to use these listings  
in my Myth box (like Rod's DirecTV deal)?

Or here's something. I've got this TV sitting around that has a built- 
in EPG. I have no clue how it gets its information, but it scans all  
the channels, and then I'm given eight combinations of network and  
channel numbers to match. Somehow (this is an old SD TV, before ATSC  
was became well known) it obtains TV listings, and I haven't a clue  
how it does. But, is it possible to harvest these listings for use?

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