[mythtv-users] Mythweb and apache configuration

IsmoT ismot at telemail.fi
Thu Sep 13 17:28:37 UTC 2007

I've been fighting with apache configuration file.
I enabled mythweb authorization, because I use it outside my network.

When authorization is disabled, mythweb can stream music and recordings 
fine, but as soon as I enable authorization, it stops.

In mythweb.conf there is <LocationMatch> sector, what should handle 
streaming and allow it to everyone. But as soon as I uncomment those 
lines, apache won't start anymore.

Here is few lines from my mythweb.conf:

    <Directory "/var/www/html/mythweb" >

    AuthType           Digest
    AuthName           "kane"
    AuthUserFile       /var/www/htdigest
    Require            valid-user
    BrowserMatch       "MSIE"      AuthDigestEnableQueryStringHack=On
    Order              allow,deny
    #Satisfy            any
    # You will probably also want to uncomment the following rules, which
    # disable authentication for MythWeb's download URLs so you can properly
    # stream to media players that don't work with authenticated servers.
    #    <LocationMatch .*/pl/stream/[0-9]+/[0-9]+>
    #    Allow from all
    #    </LocationMatch>
    #   <LocationMatch .*/music/stream.php>
    #       Allow from all
    #   </LocationMatch>

... and so on. What is wrong with those settings? If I put LocationMatch 
lines outside <Directory> and </Directory>, it starts ok, but streaming 
won't work anyway.

Thanks at advance


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