[mythtv-users] My first MythTv box, first linux box and first build

Andrew Close aclose at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 14:37:44 UTC 2007

welcome to MythTv!

since several others have replied with good insight on your
configuration i will refrain. :)
but you may want to spend a little time checking out the MythTv
mailing list archives for more info:

you can search for system configurations, hardware recommendations,
distros, etc.  great deal of info there.

since you are new to MythTv and Linux in general, it would be worth
your while to check out a couple of the pre-built distros.  they
generally make installation and setup much easier and quicker.
two highly recommended pre-built distros:

KnoppMyth - http://mysettopbox.tv
KnoppMyth is based on the Knoppix distro which is of the Debian family.
it has its own forums that you can join, search and ask specific
questions on.  not that you can't ask distro specific questions here,
but you may get more detailed, quicker help there.  i've been using
this distro for quite a while on a dedicated FE/BE (Frontend/Backend)
MythBox.  great distro, great support.

MythDora - http://g-ding.tv/  or
MythDora is based on Red Hat's Fedora Core Distro.  i haven't
personally tried it out, but it has received rave reviews here on the
list and has several prominent Developers/Users from the MythTv
community working on it.

there are a couple other 'all in one' distros, but they escape me at
the moment.  the two previously mentioned target MythTv specifically.
some of the others are just multimedia distros that include MythTv.

don't hesitate to ask questions, either about MythTv or Linux here.
the majority of the time the Myth community is extremely helpful.
however, it would be wise to search the archives before asking a
question that may have been asked jillions of times already.

good luck!

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