[mythtv-users] [OT?] Ratpoison on Fedora 7 - b0rked?

Johan Heikkilä johan.heikkila at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 14:07:19 UTC 2007

2007/9/13, Ben Lancaster <lists at benlancaster.co.uk>:
> Hi all,
> Has anyone had any success getting Ratpoison (from RPMs) to work on
> Fedora 7? I had it running fine on FC6, but now it's not working since
> the upgrade.
> On the GDM login screen, I've changed the session to use Ratpoison,
> logged in, and after a few seconds, Gnome launches instead. When I login
> without a WM (just an xterm), and attempt to start ratpoison from the
> terminal, I get "ratpoison: there can be only ONE". Weird error huh?

You sure you don't have a WM running?

> I've noticed that F7 handles sessions differently (new Xorg perhaps?) as
> they now rely on the ~/.dmrc file. Mine appears to be correct as it
> contains:
> On FC6, I used ~/.Xclients* scripts or xinitrc. Neither of these seem to
> work on F7.
> Oh, and my ~/.xsession-errors file doesn't contain anything useful:
> localuser: mythtv being added to access control list
> SESSION_MANAGER=local/{hostname}:/tmp/.ICE-unix/2979
> Odd that the SESSION_MANAGER variable is different to the .dmrc. My
> guess is that ratpoison failed (perhaps it got the highlander quote) and
> reverted to the default?
> Thanks in advance.

Long time since I configured this, but it has always worked.
Mythfrontend, an xterm and ratpoison is starting from .bash_profile.
Upgrade to Fedora 7 went without problems.


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