[mythtv-users] My first MythTv box, first linux box and first build

Eric Robinson ryunokokoro at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 04:10:37 UTC 2007

Also, check out ClubIT for parts:


I priced out a system both there and at Newegg and found that I saved a
ton of money by going with ClubIT.  They shipped my whole order within
24 hours of placing it (it's in the mail now with a FedEx tracking
number).  They also had a few parts that Newegg was either out of or
flat out didn't carry.  I did a lot of price shopping and rarely ever
found a cheaper price.  I am a seriously happy customer there!

So far... I have yet to actually receive said package so I don't know
about the condition and what-not.  I'm expecting good things, though,
considering the experience up to now.

- Eric

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