[mythtv-users] SOLVED! My analog tuners stopped working!

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Thu Sep 13 02:21:00 UTC 2007

On 09/12/2007 06:48 PM, Bill Omer wrote:
> Figured it out.  In mythtv-setup, under General, on page 2, there's a
> simple little option that I over looked.  Channel frequency table:
> us-bcast
> Changed that to us-cable, now life is good.
> I've never had to do this before, so I'm assuming this is a new
> default option in .21

Not new.  Perhaps changed by accident with an accidental right as you
were moving through the settings?

> Thanks for the help.  It was indeed a channel frequency table issue,
> just wasn't an option under the capture card settings where I thought
> it would be.
> Now, what if one tuner was connected to cable and the other was on
> ota?  Doesn't look like you can adjust the frequency table on a per
> tuner basis.

Nope.  You definitely can't adjust the frequency table on a
per-capture-card basis.  What if the capture card had two tuners
connected to different signal types?  (I know the PVR-500 has 2 tuners,
but it's more like 2 cards on one board, so it doesn't count...)

You can adjust the frequency table on a per-video-source basis (as the
video source is connected to specific inputs, so it would allow multiple
different signal types on a single card).  However, the video source
should always be set to the default frequency table (and the
default--the setting you changed in General settings--set to the
"most-commonly-used" frequency table for your video sources) and /only/
the video sources that differ from the default should be changed to use
a non-default frequency table.

> Thanks again all who replied
> -Bill
> PS:  totally OT, but I cropped a bunch of Mr. Ashworth's sig.  Is this
> proper netequette?

Yep.  Most mail clients will automatically trim a sig.  If it's a proper
sig, delimited by a single line consisting of exactly two hyphens
followed by a single space followed by a newline.  Most users (OK, maybe
it's just me) who know how a sig should be delimited and who see
messages that are improperly delimited find it very annoying to have to
trim the extraneous junk (especially since often these users tend to
break other netiquette rules about sig size/content).



(annoying) horizontal rule = not a sig


3 hyphens and a space = not a sig


2 hyphens and no space = not a sig


2 hyphens and one space = this (and all that follows) would be a sig

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