[mythtv-users] Fedora 8 problems

Rick ve1gn at nb.sympatico.ca
Wed Sep 12 23:19:41 UTC 2007

John Skakandy wrote:
> R. G. Newbury wrote:
>> Where did you find Fedora 8 and was it in an iso. I cannot seem get a 
>> torrent to work and I cannot find an iso.
>> I want to skip over F7.
>> Geoff
> Fedora 7 was and is a piece of JUNK.   Everything is broken from 
> firewire to usb flash drives.  Fedora 8
> is great.  If ya can compile a bunch of drivers etc....  Test 2 is due 
> for release tomorrow and I would wait for that
> John
> PS  I'll send you the address for the dvd iso when I have it..
> _
Try http://distrowatch.com  and select Fedora on the page hits ranking.  
Just about every distro is there.


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