[mythtv-users] no /dev/video* devices created with HD-5500

Brad Sawatzky brad+mythtv at swatter.net
Wed Sep 12 20:46:11 UTC 2007

On Wed, 12 Sep 2007, Dylan Semler wrote:

> On 9/12/07, Brad Sawatzky <brad+mythtv at swatter.net> wrote:
> > I don't think udev loads the driver for you.  Try the following (as root):
> >
> >   % modprobe cx88_dvb
> Thanks but no dice.  The dvb driver has been loading fine.  I assume you
> suggested (re)loading this module in hopes that the analog driver gets
> pulled in with it, correct?

That was my assumption...  Hmm, here are the three drivers that I loaded
through /etc/modules back when I had only the 5500 card in my mythtv box:
When I had just the one capture card I ended up using only the analog part
of the 5500 in "production-mode".  FWIW, it seemed to work best using the
'v4l analog' config option in mythtv-setup rather than using the dvb
interface.  I never did get mythtv to work reliably with both the analog
and the digital parts of the card in the same configuration.  That was
maybe a month after the 5500 was first released though so the drivers were
pretty rocky.  I ended up getting a PVR-150 handling the analog channels
and am using the 5500 to record digital only.  It's working pretty well.
For this dual card setup I am manually loading the following drivers:
At least one of the three is pulling in the cx8800 driver which (I think)
handles the analog part of the 5500 card.  The cx88-alsa would probably get
pulled in automatically too but remains for historical reasons.

> I have these same lines in my dmesg when the dvb driver gets loaded, they
> must not pertain to the analog portion.  Are you able to glean at all from
> dmesg or lsmod the name of the analog drivers that are required?  I assume
> it's of the form v4l or something but I don't know.

Hopefully you just have to load the cx8800 module.

Here is a (trimmed) lsmod dump showing all of the video related modules for
my PVR-150 + HD-5500 system (some of the modules are only used by the
PVR-150/ivtv card but some appear to be used by both):
  Module                  Size  Used by
  cx88_dvb               12740  1 
  cx88_vp3054_i2c         4352  1 cx88_dvb
  mt352                   6660  1 cx88_dvb
  or51132                 9156  1 cx88_dvb
  video_buf_dvb           6852  1 cx88_dvb
  nxt200x                13956  1 cx88_dvb
  isl6421                 2240  1 cx88_dvb
  zl10353                 5316  1 cx88_dvb
  cx24123                12552  1 cx88_dvb
  lgdt330x                8900  1 cx88_dvb
  dvb_core               81512  3 or51132,video_buf_dvb,lgdt330x
  lgh06xf                 3072  1 cx88_dvb
  dvb_pll                14404  2 cx88_dvb,lgh06xf
  cx22702                 6340  1 cx88_dvb
  ivtv                  134480  0 
  cx2341x                11780  1 ivtv
  cx88_alsa              13032  0 
  cx25840                25744  0 
  tuner                  61288  0 
  firmware_class         10304  4 or51132,nxt200x,ivtv,cx25840
  cx8800                 34956  0 
  cx8802                 18500  1 cx88_dvb
  cx88xx                 66724  4 cx88_dvb,cx88_alsa,cx8800,cx8802
  ir_common              30340  1 cx88xx
  tveeprom               14864  2 ivtv,cx88xx
  compat_ioctl32          1344  1 cx8800
  videodev               28224  3 ivtv,cx8800,cx88xx
  v4l2_common            24256  6 ivtv,cx2341x,cx25840,tuner,cx8800,videodev
  video_buf              25540  6
  btcx_risc               4936  4 cx88_alsa,cx8800,cx8802,cx88xx
  v4l1_compat            14532  3 ivtv,cx8800,videodev

-- Brad

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