[mythtv-users] OT: OpenMoko

James Pifer jep at obrien-pifer.com
Wed Sep 12 18:47:48 UTC 2007

> I talked to an AT&T rep the other week about switching to an
> externally purchased phone, and what-all it would entail on my part
> and on theirs.  The rep indicated that all I would need to do is to
> remove the sim card from Phone A and place it into Phone B and then
> call them and provide the IMEI for Phone B and (voila!)  all would be
> well.  He also said that they would have to change the price structure
> if I purchased a PDA phones which he defined as a phone with a
> keyboard, which sounded a bit arbitrary.  My Nokia N75 can do most of
> the same things keyboarded phones with an OS can do. 
> Also in the past, when I have switched phones, I have never provided
> the IMEI.  But then I have never purchased a phone out of plan before,
> either. 
> jw 
So the OpenMoko will have a place to insert/install a SIM card? 

I don't really understand why the price structure would be any
different. Before buying my 8525, which is a PDA phone, online I went to
local stores. I had one guy in a local store tell me I HAD to purchase a
data plan just to even buy the phone. I knew that was wrong and they
weren't about to get my business. 

So I pay the same structure as I would if I had a non-pda phone. I pay
for phone service and txt messaging. 

Interesting though...


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