[mythtv-users] Simple On-the-fly record issues

mistersulu mistersulu at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 18:21:05 UTC 2007

Hey all:

I'm new to MythTV and, as such, probably can't word my search query well
enough to find an aswer to my question, so I apologize in advance if I'm
repeating an old question.

My problem:
I have a cable-box DVR with a harddrive full of TV shows which I wish to get
onto my MythTV box.  The cable box only supports output of these recorded
shows over a coax cable, so I connected its output to the second tuner on my
PVR-500 (the first tuner receives the direct analog cable signal).  I added
a video source to allow me to see the output from the cable box (on channel
3), and I can hit 'R' to record this signal.  However, my problem is this
recording method seems to be linked to a listings source (even though I made
special effort not to do so) and stops the recording on half-hour or hour
boundaries.  I've looked through the Manual and Custom recording sections
and can't seem to find a way to simply record for one hour on the current
channel without any additional intelligence on the part of MythTV.

My question:
Is there a simple way to record the current channel on the current tuner for
exactly a period of time (one or two hours etc) irregardless of my start

Follow-up question:
If I record a show using the 'R', simple record, I notice that the only way
to stop recording is to hit 'R' again, which displays 'Cancel Record ...' 
Is there a way to simply stop a recording vs. cancelling it?  I ask because
I notice that the backend seems to clear 'cancelled' recordings from my
/mnt/store dir periodically.

Thanks in advance,
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