[mythtv-users] DVI vs VGA and HDTV

Mailing Lists mlists at dressler.ca
Wed Sep 12 17:44:12 UTC 2007

Hi all, I have a 1080i lcd flat panel that has several 
input types, including VGA, component, HDMI, etc.

I'm running an Nvidia 6200 now.  It has a DVI and VGA 
port.  I'm currently connected via the VGA port.

I purchased a DVI to HDMI cable but I can't get anything 
on the tv.  I've tried matching the TV resolution in my 
xorg.conf to the TV's native config, with the refresh 
rates, etc., but have had no luck.  I'm thinking it might 
be HDCP causing the problem.

All that to say I'm looking for a viable solution.  What 
difference will I see between VGA and DVI?

Any one have any suggestions on how to get the DVI to HDMI 
working?  I've searched the web and have tried alot of 
different things but not even a flicker from it.  Perhaps 
someone can suggest a modeline to try or an xorg.conf 
sample to try...  the TV is this: 

Alternatively, I know some of the newer Nvidia cards 
support HDMI now?  Would that make things 
better/same/easier to configure?


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