[mythtv-users] Apple X11 or XDarwin?

Eric Robinson ryunokokoro at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 17:01:01 UTC 2007

Kent Watsen wrote:
>> Well, it's got to decode 1080p content in some way, right?  If it ever
>> comes to the point where you can take a BluRay or HD-DVD and rip it
>> across then playback a high bitrate H.264 encoded (transcoded from VC1
>> or what-have-you on the backend, of course) file...  That's going to
>> take some CPU.  And in order to ensure a hiccup-free experience...  My
>> father wasn't worried about the price-difference for what we got.
> Thats true, my bad, I forgot that my old thinking was that backend box
> was also a frontend and hence had a DVD tray - I guess the image is
> still burned in my head

Here's a downloadable movie that I was able to use as a benchmark for
1080p playback:

It's 11 minutes long and supports surround sound audio as well.  On my
older, personal Mac Mini, it ran without a hiccup but CPU monitoring
showed that both cores were pretty well 100% taxed to do it.  Having the
extra breathing room for 1080p seems a safer bet, I guess...

>> I understand the words "more analysis".  I've been doing constant
>> analysis.  The build setup has changed a bit since I last mentioned
>> it. It's final now: ordered it all today!  We went with a 5-bay in-tower
>> SATA hot-swappable enclosure for the 750GB disks and then two 10,000 RPM
>> 150GB SATA-I based Raptor's for a RAID-0'd OS/scratch space.  Can't wait
>> until all the parts come in!
> Congrats - looking forward to reading how it all works for you!
> BTW, I've been wondering if a "scratch" disk is needed for the
> incoming shows to be recorded to before the commercial-skip transers
> them to their final resting spot - is that what your scratch disk is for?

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