[mythtv-users] HDMI or DVI

Eric Robinson ryunokokoro at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 16:39:38 UTC 2007

If this made it out to the list, I apologize for the repost...
There's something strange afoot with my e-mail setup...  I suspect
there's a few meddling kids around somewhere.  Anyway:

Mitch Gore wrote:
> I had a feeling this post would cause some heated debate.  I
> understand the differances between the 3 connections can be trivial.
> But the REAL question i want to know is...
> 1.  Will I see an improvement going from component to HDMI/DVI.
> Remember I am using a nvidia 6200 component out.  Basically is the TV
> encoder of component on the card good or is there lots of loss?  or
> will moving to a digital connection be better?
As the articles mentioned in response to your original question say "It
depends."  It depends on the hardware.  What I take your question to be
is "What produces a better picture from the GeForce 6200, Component or
HDMI/DVI?"  A quick look at the boards specs show that it has a DVI-I
connection (I is for Integrated, meaning the DVI connection has extra
pins to carry an analog signal, allowing connections like Component and

An answer to your question is rough... Someone else would have had to
have done picture quality tests using the same board that you have and,
likely, the same Projector.  Analog->Digital processing on the TV for
the component signal could make or break your setup.  I would say that
you should look into doing some tests with some returnable cables or
cheaper, short-run cables if those cables you mention below are a bit on
the expensive side.
 > 2.  Since i don't have any 1080p content would it be better to stick
> with component 1080i and let the projector do the de-interlacing?
> (this depends on the above, quality of the TV encoder) OR connect a
> digital connection at 1080p and have Myth do the de-interlaceing?
My understanding is that displays like to be run (and look best) at
native resolution.  That being said, your display's hardware may
actually do better deinterlacing than the  alternative software solution.

Component cables are capable of carrying a 1080p signal... but only if
the TV's chip supports it, I guess
(http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=675595 ).

And whats to stop you from getting 1080p content in the future?  Want
some?  http://orange.blender.org /download

 > 3.  Which 'cheap' cables i was going to get a DVI cable from
>  Monoprice.com <http://Monoprice.com>  for ~$50.  The hdmi cable is

 > $80.  If its the same why pay more?

 - Hide quoted text -1) HDMI is newer.
2) HDMI is built to carry Video, Audio, or both.
3) My understanding is that HDCP protection, while doable over DVI, is
more widely available on HDMI connections.

As you're coming from a PC, I would guess that the digital signal would
be preferable to the analog one.  You'll have to test to be certain, though.

 - Eric

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