[mythtv-users] MythTV Working Directories?

Johan Venter mythtv at vulturest.com
Wed Sep 12 13:59:29 UTC 2007

Eric Robinson wrote:
> Where exactly does MythTV do its ripping/transcoding/recording work?  I
> saw in the docs that you can specify a LiveTV storage group for the
> recording buffer but I have been unable to find an analogue for the
> ripping/transcoding portions.  I feel like I've seen something on this
> before but that may just be due to an especially strong case of the
> "Wishful Thinkings".
> Does they (MythTranscode, MythDVD, etc) tend to do everything in a
> directory relative to their installation (the OS drive if you will)? 
> Surely they don't use potentially remote storage locations...

The backend transcodes to whereever your recordings are stored (storage 
groups). If that's a remote location then so be it.

As for ripping, I'm not sure. I don't use that functionality.



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