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Mitch Gore mitchell.gore at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 13:51:39 UTC 2007

n 9/12/07, Eric Robinson <ryunokokoro at gmail.com> wrote:
> >> I am curious if going to DVI/HDMI will give me better picture quality.
> >> Anyone know?
> >>
> Grab a cup of cocoa and take a look at this:
> http://www.geardigest.com/2007/09/11/hdmi_vs_component/
> A timely article for your question!
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I had a feeling this post would cause some heated debate.  I understand the
differances between the 3 connections can be trivial.   But the REAL
question i want to know is...

1.  Will I see an improvement going from component to HDMI/DVI.  Remember I
am using a nvidia 6200 component out.  Basically is the TV encoder of
component on the card good or is there lots of loss?  or will moving to a
digital connection be better?

2.  Since i don't have any 1080p content would it be better to stick with
component 1080i and let the projector do the de-interlacing?  (this depends
on the above, quality of the TV encoder) OR connect a digital connection at
1080p and have Myth do the de-interlaceing?

3.  Which 'cheap' cables i was going to get a DVI cable from Monoprice.com
for ~$50.  The hdmi cable is $80.  If its the same why pay more?

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