[mythtv-users] Using tv_grab_combiner with mythfilldatabase

Niklas Brunlid prefect47 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 09:40:09 UTC 2007


I've switched from tv_grab_skane.sh (a hack that combined tv_grab_sw_swedb
and tv_grab_dk by replacing tv_grab_no, used by mythtv users in the southern
part of Sweden) to tv_grab_combiner. I was just wondering if anyone else is
using this combination.

I'm not 100% sure yet, but it seems like since tv_grab_dk only gives 6 days
of data and tv_grab-se_swedb gives 14, the channels on tv_grab_dk don't get
refreshed since mythfilldatabase thinks "Data is already present" for days
7-14 for those channels.

Or it could be that tv_grab_combiner returns error 256 since tv_grab_dk
returns an error if you try to grab more than 6 days.

Does mythfilldatabase verify that there is guida data on a per-channel
basis, or is it simply a flag that says "I have data for date X, no need to

/ Niklas
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