[mythtv-users] Program schedule from EPG confusion

Michael frandsen mf1910 at vip.cybercity.dk
Wed Sep 12 04:28:00 UTC 2007

I wish to fully understand how the recording schedule works from the 
EPG, It did not work as I expected from reading the description.

Following options appear:
Do not record this program (obvious)
Record only this showing (expected to record from current EPG data, 
without any "intelligence" just grab the start/stop time)
Record one showing of this title (expected that the time can change as 
long the tittle is the same)
Record in this timeslot every week (expected that tittle is ignored and 
start/stop time remains)
Record one showing of this title every week (expect one show of the 
title to be recorded weekly, if more of same title any could be picked)
Record in this timeslot every day (expected the title to be ignored and 
start/stop time remain and recording every day)
Record one showing of this title every day (expect one show of the title 
to be recorded daily, if more of same title any could be picked)
Record at any time on this channel (expected that independ of time any 
show with the tittle will be recorded)
Record at any time on any channel (same as above just with channel as 
wildcard also)

The channel I having problem with use following naming system:

<Program name>[ - <subtitle>][ (<episode #>/<of episodes>)]

Reoccuring weekly shows, like news only shows <Program name>
Any shows that have a limited number of episodes normally only use 
<Program name> (<episode #>/<of episodes>)
But some can have subtitles for example if one episode is split into two.

To make it worse the naming can change during the week since they only 
have program description on EPG for aproximately 24 hour ahead and the 
time can change unsure how late before planned schedule.

On my old VCR I had to code in the times manually. To compensate for 
program change I could manually add a time to the end.
One of my friends had a VCR that could grab time informations from TTV 
but actual record information was still static.

With mythtv EPG I expected I could get same simple system to just get 
start/stop time automaticly from EPG but for some reason every option 
use the title despite the description.

Can any help me to understand this mechanism?

What I wish for is to easy code in start/stop time using EPG but ignore 
any program changes. Ideally it could be nice to be able to adjust time 
depend on program changes but I also see a lot of problems when the 
total name can change.
Another wish is to be able to code in weekly show that apear same time 
every week but again ignore title.


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