[mythtv-users] My analog tuners stopped working!

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Wed Sep 12 03:36:46 UTC 2007

Bill Omer wrote:

> Hmm...  apparently I spoke too soon.  Here's whats happen.
> After a reboot, without mythbackend starting, I can cat both tuners
> and play the mpg streams with mplayer just fine.  It seems as if both
> tuners are on the same channel though, which may or may not be a
> problem.
> I start mythbackend.  One tuner works, the other is snowy.  I kill
> mythbackend, cat both files, and only one works.
> I'm not sure what this could be at all.

Wow. Pretty odd.

I wonder if perhaps your backend is using the wrong frequency table
(perhaps HRC instead of standard for example).

One card might have enough AFC range to tune the channels anyway (not
uncommon) and the other might not. Those settings might persist across a

Far fetched I know, but whatever this turns out to be will be unusual I


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