[mythtv-users] multiple recording locations

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Wed Sep 12 01:23:40 UTC 2007

On 09/11/2007 03:46 PM, joe.white at wachovia.com wrote:
> I have been looking thru the upcoming changes in .21 (I guess) and am 
> curious about the ability to store recordings in multiple locations.  Will 
> that addition make it practical to record to a local drive then transcode 
> off to a NAS?

Yes, but no more so than with 0.20 and below.

Basically, we don't yet have any feature for moving recordings; however,
with Storage Groups, you can just yank the recordings file from one
directory in your Storage Groups to another and it will be found (i.e.
you don't /have/ to tell Myth what you did).

However, you can still move things with 0.20 and--if you do it
correctly--you don't have to tell Myth...

>   I tthink that some of the issues I have seen in recording 
> to the separate raid storage device have to do with the write speeds of 
> RAID5.  They do not seem to happen when recording to single drives across 
> the network.

With your 0.20 system, simply set your recordings dir to the local
drive.  Then, after a show is recorded, transcode it.  Then, move that
recording to the RAID and create a symlink in the recordings dir that
refers to the file on the RAID.

See myth_archive_job.pl for a script that will actually do the move/link
for you.

If your recordings dir is on the RAID now, when you change it you'll
need to create symlinks to all the existing recordings.  You could do
this with a rather simple "find ... -exec " command.  (I would also move
the PNG previews to the local drive (rather than creating links to them)
as they're small, anyway.)


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