[mythtv-users] Free US/Canada Listings

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Tue Sep 11 23:03:14 UTC 2007

Rod Roark wrote:
>> No, I'm pretty sure he *is* an attorney, and he's not telling us
>> where he's licensed to practice precisely *because* he doesn't want
>> to get in trouble by being seen to be giving advice.
> I would be VERY surprised if he's an attorney.

Technically, I am NOT an attorney. That's not what we are called up 
here. I do have a law degree and I am in good standing with the Law 
Society of Upper Canada.

> Your endless repetition doesn't mean that I don't get it.  Neither
> does your ignoring the fact that Newbury was talking about squashing
> ALL discussion of scrapers.

No I did not. Only technical discussions about how they work and how 
they might circumvent any little tricks which someone might build into 
their site. If anyone wants to know where to find a scraper, they can 
ask here and get a referral. We do that with ivtv and lirc and other 

And you kindly give me too much power. If I really had the power to 
squash ALL such discussions, I would also have had the power to squash 
any number of prior threads that I didn't like. I don't and so of 
course, I haven't. All I have asked is that you give the list owner of 
this list the common decency of not talking about things which could be 
illegal, HERE. You among others persist that it is 'not illegal' but 
that is unclear and may not be risk free *to Isaac*.

I think Isaac is on holiday. I hope he just dumps his inbox when he gets 
back. God help his sanity if he tries to read all this!


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