[mythtv-users] Strange mythweb error

Mike LaPlante mike at dividia.net
Tue Sep 11 17:47:19 UTC 2007

Ian Forde wrote:
>>/ (I was thing that I need to enter information for show episodes in
/>/> mythvideo.  So the plan is to (eventually) use imdb.pl in batch form
/>>/ against them.  I'd love suggestions on how that could be
/>>/ accomplished. ;) )
/>>/ In any case, I was poking through mythweb, noting that I can do episode
/>>/ lookups from within it.  Unfortunately, I received this error in a
/>>/ popup:
/>>/ Fatal Error, IMDB was not set in the settings table, please set it via
/>>/ the settings tab.
/>>/ Huh?  I checked the settings tab for Video, and the webserver (also my
/>>/ master backend) has the "path to imdb.pl" set correctly.
/>>/ ???
/>>/ 	-I
/>I had this problem for a while. Here is how I solved it:
>- It seems that video settings page in the mythweb does not determine
>hostname of the mythweb machine correctly, thus you may need to check
>the 'settings' table in the mythconverg to make sure that property
>'web_video_imdb_path' has correct hostname (non-empty).
>- In case you still have problems with imdb lookups, make sure to
>uncomment and edit 'hostname' property in the apache.conf for mythweb.
>Using virtual name-based server for mythweb seems to confuse imdb lookup
>code as for which hostname to use for property lookup.

I seem to be suffering from this same issue but am unsure how to fix it. 
I was getting the same Fatal Error related to IMDB as the original 
poster. I fixed that by manually punching my backend's hostname into the 
settings table on the 'web_video_imdb_path' value. Though I don't think 
I should be having to do that, something has to be wrong with my mythweb 
setup and its not determining the hostname on its own.

IMDB searches through Mythweb now work, but I get an error when its 
trying to save the artwork. (Please check permissions on the Video 
Artwork Directory). I know the permissions are fine however since it all 
works through mythfrontend... (unless its needs to be apache writable... 
I'll try that in a sec)

Still I think I have an issue with mythweb not getting the hostname. The 
hostname command returns the correct value. I edited the mythweb.conf 
and set "setenv hostname" to my backend's hostname, restarted apache and 
mythbackend for grins. Should mythweb get its own "hostname" as if it 
were another frontend? I noticed on the mythweb video settings page the 
"Edit Settings for:" drop down box has nothing in it. I'm assuming 
you're supposed to be able to pick a hostname there.

Oh, and on a different note, mythweb has a settings section for 
mythweather where I can pick the source, but thats the only place 
mythweather shows up any where in mythweb, there's no place to actually 
view the weather. I'm running SVN trunk though, so maybe the new 
mythweather stuff just isn't in mythweb yet. Not too big a deal just 


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