[mythtv-users] Apple X11 or XDarwin?

Chris Ribe chrisribe at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 16:59:36 UTC 2007

> >
> > In short, it's great to be able to use my macbook as a frontend, but it
> > would suck as a dedicated frontend.
> not to hijack this thread... but has anyone tried running Myth on
> Linux via Parallels on OS X?  then maybe you'd have the best of both
> worlds; although you may want more RAM in that case. :)

Linux under parallels doesn't provide access to any hardware acceleration
for video, and can't handle HD playback.  The new VMWare offering might
address this, but I really don't know.

For that matter, is there anyone running linux on a mini that can testify to
its 1080i playback capabilities?   I have a linux frontend that has a
similar Intel 945 graphics chipset, and a not horribly slower 3Ghz P4,  and
it  has trouble playing back 720p content.

I've read on the list that the newest Xorg and intel drivers improve this
situation, but is completely unclear to me how to get those.

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