[mythtv-users] Frontend powering up, all by itself?

Bruce Smith blubdog at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 13:09:24 UTC 2007

> >> One quick question, the last few evenings I noticed my standalone
> >> frontend box (separate from my main backend/frontend box) seems to be
> >> powering itself on all by itself the last few evenings.  I normally
> >> leave the frontend-only box powered off, unless I'm using it to watch
> >> something on Myth.  At first I thought someone else in my house had
> >> powered it on, until yesterday when I was the only one home and
> >> noticed it was running (it was turned off earlier that day).  Is this
> >> a new setting somewhere in Myth? (where?)  Does the backend send out a
> >> WOL or something?  If so, where can I turn this off??? I've looked
> >> though most of the settings screens and didn't find anything.
> >>
> > did you check to see if you have Wake On Lan setting enabled in your bios?
> Because--especially with some (poor) BIOS implementations--other data on
> the network can trigger a wake up (even if it's not the supposed "magic
> packet").

Is there something in the new release of Myth that could be triggering
this?  It started happening right after the upgrade from 18.1/FC4 to

It also turns itself the same time every evening.  I don't know of
anything that's scheduled to run on the network at that time.  (it's
not the time it downloads the new schedule, etc.)

I didn't get a chance to check the BIOS yet, but I'd like to leave WOL
activated so I can power it up remotely.  I'd like to find what is
triggering this every evening and make it stop.

 - BS

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