[mythtv-users] Apple X11 or XDarwin?

Chris Ribe chrisribe at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 02:42:49 UTC 2007

Just so you know,

On 9/10/07, Eric Robinson <ryunokokoro at gmail.com> wrote:
> Steve MacLaren wrote:
> > On 9/9/07, *Eric Robinson* <ryunokokoro at gmail.com
> > <mailto:ryunokokoro at gmail.com>> wrote:
> >
> >     I've decided upon a Linux backend with Mac Mini Frontends for my
> >     home network.  I've scanned the docs on the wiki and have found no
> >     mention whatsoever of compatibility (or lack thereof) with Apple's
> >     own X11 implementation.  And therein lies my question:
> >

Just a heads up - the Mac OS Mythfrontend.app has some annoying bugs that
make it a lot less enjoyable than  a Linux frontend in my experience.    I
have two macbooks that I use as frontends regularly, and two ubuntu P4 based

The Mac frontend is significantly less responsive, suffers from some slight
but annoying video artifacts when playing HD content, doesn't handle
commercial skipping, and suffers from a horrible bug that causes recording
to recue to the beginning if you hit the "jump forward" or "jump backward"
multiple times in rapid succession.

It also tends to lock up the machine when left running for more than a day
or so, and has exhinited problems returning from suspend/sleep.

In short, it's great to be able to use my macbook as a frontend, but it
would suck as a dedicated frontend.

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