[mythtv-users] Boot splash screen for a frontend?

Paul Bender pebender at san.rr.com
Tue Sep 11 02:10:42 UTC 2007

Piers Kittel wrote:
> Hello all,
> Do anyone have a nice boot splash screen for a MythTV frontend?  (I  
> know some people might flame me on this, I don't care whether most of  
> my frontends have it or not, just the one)  I am using Debian Etch  
> which doesn't have any splash screen already.
> Thanks very much for your time in advance!
> Regards - Piers
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You can find a bootsplash graphic here: 

Personally, I use a scaled version of the these graphics along with 
splashutils <http://dev.gentoo.org/~spock/projects/gensplash/> in 
MiniMyth. I scaled the graphics to 640x480 so that they work with the 
least common denominator resolutions for monitors and televisions. I use 
splashutils because it does not require a kernel patch for the 
splashutils features that I need.

You can find the scaled graphics at 
<http://linpvr.org/minimyth/download/stable/latest/> in the file 
gar-minimyth-<version>.tar.bz2. The splashutils files including the 
graphics are located in the directory 

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