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Chris Ribe chrisribe at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 01:24:25 UTC 2007

I bought a TV off of craigslist last week, but unfortunately, it isn't yet
in working condition:  it is a 4 year old Hitachi 1080i CRT RPTV.   At about
30cu. ft. and 240lb., it's freaking huge, but it met my three most important
criteria: it was cheap, big, and an HDTV.  I've grown of watching HDTV on my
22" monitor.

Unfortunately, my new TV has a pretty serious problem.  It is badly out of
convergence, and the convergence and picture geometry can only be adjusted
with the use of the remote control that I do not have.  So, I'm probably
going to have to drop $50 on a replacement remote.

Unless there is a way to compensate for the image distortion before it gets
to the monitor, that is.  The problem with the monitor is that the red gun
traces a line that is something like 7*sin(x/1920) lines above/below where
it should be where x is the number of pixels from the left edge of the

In theory, if could just apply a filter to the red channel in X or the video
driver, I could coax a reasonable picture out of my set without needing to
fix the convergence. I'm intrigued by this possibility mostly because it is
a much cooler solution than buying a remote.  (If i just wanted an easy
solution, I wouldn't be using mythtv).

So, where should I start looking for ideas on how to accomplish this?  I
have one frontend with an nvidia 5200 graphics card, a macbook, and a
frontend that needs a new video card (I had been hoping to use the
integrated 945G video, but it is VGA out and my monitor only has a DVI
input), so I am pretty flexible when it comes to video drivers.

Looking forward to you suggestions,

TV/IT Engineer
WCJB-TV Gainesville, FL
(352) 377 2020 x248
cribe at wcjb.com
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