[mythtv-users] Why not MythArchive on Frontend only?

Eric Robinson ryunokokoro at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 17:50:34 UTC 2007

Why not MythArchive on Frontend only?

Okay, I've thought about how many people may run minimum-CPU, diskless
Frontends and such but this feature would be really, really convenient!

In the network I'm building, we're going to put our backend in the
basement and use VNC for management.  It would be a real hassle to have
to get to the computer to run the Archive.  I understand that you can
run it on a Mythfrontend/Mythbackend combo system and I could certainly
run that.  However, from my vantage point, that's a lot of stuff to add
to the system to enable a single, particularly useful feature.

Certainly a bit of transcoding has to occur.  Why not have the backend
do the transcoding/ISO preparation and then ship it off to the Frontend
for burning?  That would enable such scenarios:

TOM:  Hey, that episode of SpongeBob is hilarious!
DICK:  I know, right!  Jellyfish as the source for jelly?  Hah!
TOM:  Do you think I could get a copy so I could show my kids?
DICK:  Oh, sure!  You want it commercial-less?
TOM:  Nah, it's just one episode.  Whatever.  Fast forward will work fine.
DICK:  Alright.  [DICK walks over and stuffs a DVD-R into an unassuming
slot in a box under his TV.]  ...  There, just give it a few minutes and
it'll spit the DVD out.
TOM:  Okay.
    [DICK starts playing the Emmy-award winning episode of South Park,
"Make Love, Not Warcraft"]
DICK:  You're gonna love this.
HARRY:  Sweet.  Wish I had the "Sword of a Thousand Truths"... those
stats are sick!

[I assume that managing a Frontend only system is a lot easier than a
Frontend/Backend combination.]


- Eric

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