[mythtv-users] Free US/Canada Listings

David Segall davidsegall.net dsegall at bigpond.net.au
Mon Sep 10 17:06:20 UTC 2007

---- "R. G. Newbury" <newbury at mandamus.org> wrote: 
> Brian Wood wrote:
> You forget that lots of statutes also contain criminal penalty
> provisions. If there is the possibility of a fine, or a jail term for a
> breach, then you are defining a *criminal* offense. The DCMA contains
> criminal offense clauses.
> A quick google turned up a page at the UCLA Cyberlaw Institute with a 
> review of the Act:
> ****************************************
> Highlights Generally:
>          Makes it a crime to circumvent anti-piracy measures built into 
> most commercial software.
>          Outlaws the manufacture, sale, or distribution of 
> code-cracking devices used to illegally copy software.
As you correctly point out the law is perfectly clear on what constitutes a criminal offense. What matters to many MythTV users is that screen scraping, adding the results of screen scraping to a database or using the results of screen scraping to determine what you watch on television is not a criminal offense in the United States or anywhere else. 

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