[mythtv-users] Problems with myth2ipod - nuvexport and MP4Box

Dan Brown dan at familybrown.org
Mon Sep 10 14:01:58 UTC 2007

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Having just bought a video-capable iPod, I thought it'd be nice to get
my latest shows as a podcast, so I tried installing myth2ipod.  I'm
running Myth 0.20.2-fixes from last week's mythbuntu packages on Ubuntu
7.04.  To install, I largely followed the instructions at
http://www.myth2ipod.com/myth2ipod.html, but used the instructions at
http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=114946&highlight=ffmpeg+ipod to
compile ffmpeg with x264 support and install the ubuntu packages for gpac.

When I try to run the myth2ipod job (/usr/local/bin/myth2ipod -cut
"%DIR%" "%FILE%") on one of my recordings, it "completes" in under a
minute, but doesn't actually process.  Looking at the mythbackend.log
indicates problems with nuvexport and MP4Box:

- ----------------------------
/usr/local/bin/nuvexport --chanid=1036 --start=20070907195900
- --mode=iPod --nice=19 --cutlist --nodenoise --nodeinterlace
- --nomultipass --filename=1036_20070907195900.temp
OSPEED was not set, defaulting to 9600 at
/usr/local/share/nuvexport/nuv_export/shared_utils.pm line 61
Can't find a valid termcap file at
/usr/local/share/nuvexport/nuv_export/shared_utils.pm line 61
Compilation failed in require at /usr/local/bin/nuvexport line 36.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/local/bin/nuvexport line 36.

Cleaning up temp files.
Nuvexport encoding seems to have failed
- ----------------------------
/usr/local/bin/MP4Box -add
/usr/local/bin/MP4Box: symbol lookup error: /usr/local/bin/MP4Box:
undefined symbol: gf_log_set_level
MP4Box cleanup seems to have failed
- ----------------------------

I can use nuvexport, standing alone, to export a show to MP4 iPod
format, and get no errors (and the resulting file plays on the iPod).  I
didn't find anything in the archives on this issue--any ideas?

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