[mythtv-users] Trouble gettin Mythweb working

Daniel Westendorf dwestendorf at scottusa.com
Mon Sep 10 04:28:31 UTC 2007

I had this problem as well. It was working before, but now no dice.

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Subject: [mythtv-users] Trouble gettin Mythweb working
I had mythweb working under Mythtv 0.22.2...I upgraded to  
0.21.20070820-1 from ATrpms bleeding edge Everything works just fine 
except mythweb..  It gives me this error You don't have permission to 
access /mythweb/ on this server.
It seems to me that some files must have been moved to different 
folders..Most of the help files i can find are pretty dated and ask for 
files to be placed in folders that don't exist (apache2)...
  Could some one point me in the right direction?

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