[mythtv-users] A Friendly Good-Bye

Johan Venter mythtv at vulturest.com
Mon Sep 10 01:44:48 UTC 2007

Brad Fuller wrote:
> I don't think you should leave the mailing list. I don't recall any of
> your posts, but if this one is indicative of your style, please stay!

I laughed so hard at this I nearly cried.

No offense, Brad, but you haven't been reading the mailing list lately 
much have you?

Robert has been the most constant annoyance for the past week or so with 
his own special brand of paranoia and histrionics.

I've read all 100 or so of his recent posts simply for entertainment, 
but I for one am glad to be rid of the extra inbox volume.

Bye, Robert. Hope you find what you're looking for.


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