[mythtv-users] Myth svn 14461 Seg faulting on scanning HDHomeRun

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Sun Sep 9 23:59:17 UTC 2007

Mailing Lists wrote:
> On Sat, 08 Sep 2007 22:00:00 -0400
>> First, is your myth package compiled with HDHomerun 
>> support? Run 
>> ./configure with all of your '--enable-whatever' 
>> switches including 
>> --enable-hdhomerun... Check the output.
> Yes, I took a fresh svn cut, rebuilt it on a separate 
> machine to test.  I can now scan the HDR but the channels 
> I'm getting are completely different each time I scan and 
> seem incomplete in general
>> Second, did you get it working with vlc and did all the 
>> setup with 
>> hdhomerun-config work? Because once you get to there, it 
>> should work in 
>> myth...Try deleting and re-installing in 
>> mythtv-setup????
> Works in Windows with vlc -- the config worked as well. 
>  Are there any special config parameters I need to be 
> looking at?  I found little to no information on that 
> side.
>> Are you scanning with the correct setup? US-cable 
>> frequency table. Quick 
>> tune 'Always' Unencrypted  only 'No' (These settings 
>> used to be 
>> problematic, and are supposed to have been fixed..I 
>> haven't checked. My 
>> HDHR is too busy recording!).
> I wasn't using the quick tune but yes to everything else.

Then I'm lost as to further diagnosis. Since the hdhr is a standalone 
unit, using udp there is little additional code needed in myth to get a 
unit working. It should *just work*....Getting different channels on 
each scan sounds more like an antenna problem. Have you tried an amp on 
the antenna? I needed one to get the signal high enough to work 
properly. Try it without any splitters in the feed first.

>> The problem with qam cable channels is in one sense 
>> insurmountable. 
>> Cablecos get to number cable channels in a completely 
>> arbitrary way. The 
>> local TV guide channel number bears NO relationship to 
>> either the cable 
>> frequency channel OR the channel's own broadcast number 
>> AND cablecos are 
>> not required to broadcast identifying information 
>> (except for 'must 
>> carry' OTA feed channels in the US).
> I'm not so concerned about this so long as I can get 
> channels.
> SD doesn't seem to add any channels in either for my 
> source.  I'm not entirely certain why!

Can't help there...


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