[mythtv-users] Written proof that we've all been conned about SD

George Mari george_mythusers at mari1938.org
Sun Sep 9 19:18:02 UTC 2007

Robin Gilks wrote:
>>> The fact is that Myth would have continued to
>>> be free if the Myth community had said "we see through this laughable
>>> threat
>>> to terminate zap2it labs and we're not falling for it, we'll call your
>>> bluff
>>> and if you really want option 3, fine, we'll go back to screen
>>> scraping."
>> The fact is that Myth is still free. These threads must really baffle
>> the shit out of people in Auztralia or Britain or Germany. Myth is free
>> there too!
> Agreed!
> Please continue with the whinging and whining...
> you are providing hours of enjoyment here in New Zealand (where MythTV is
> free by the way!).

AAHAA!!  Here is proof!!

kijuhty kijuhty is getting us all hooked on this free, entertaining 
intellectual tussle he's been engaging all of us in!  His obvious motive 
is to pull the plug any moment, cut us all off from the free 
entertainment, and offer a *PAID* mailing list where we can continue to 
receive the benefit of his wisdom and comical banter!

In return, he will become fabulously wealthy, and finally be willing to 
pay Schedules Direct $5/month for his listings data.

Don't fall for it - I'm sure it's a trap of some sort!

...wait a minute - I just noticed - my tin foil hat was on inside out.

Forget what I just said - that's not it at all.  If kijuhty kijuhty does 
end up moving to a paid mailing list of some sort, that means the myth 
users mailing list will no longer be graced with his presence.  So maybe 
we should continue to be entertained by him?

But how much would we be willing to pay to listen to kijuhty kijuhty on 
a paid mailing list?  I'm sure there will be some willing to pay a 
certain amount of money, for high quality kijuhty kijuhty, while others 
will long for the old days, when it came for free.  These users will 
most likely look for some sort free scraper solution for their kijuhty 
kijuhty.  We'll have to wait and see what his TOS are like, to see 
whether we can even discuss scraping kijuhty kijuhty on this mailing list.

Oh my - I am confused now...

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