[mythtv-users] A Friendly Good-Bye

Robert Current robert.current at gmail.com
Sun Sep 9 15:59:01 UTC 2007

Ok, I'm back, for ONE post, and ONE POST ONLY...  And, I fully expect
this post to become a total flame fest, have fun, I won't bother
responding, I'm sure there will hardly be any NEW name calling or
anything I haven't already heard.

At first I thought this "kijuhty kijuhty" was interesting, had some
info I hadn't heard.  After reading it for a couple days, two things
bothered me.  1) What's his motive, I don't see the up side to what
he's asking for, because I don't agree that quality data isn't worth
paying for.  and 2) Why the hell does EVERYONE calling him by MY name,
that's REALLY starting to piss me off.

I left this list.  I did not get kicked off of this list.  I left
because I felt there was no point in saying anything here, it would
instantly get drown out by a flame fest of Schedules Direct nonsense.
My last topic was an effort to avoid any discussion of Schedules
Direct at all, not even about WHERE to get data, and still ended up
being about Schedules Direct, name calling, and rampant accusations
about illegal activities...

So I gave up, I left.  I have better things to do with my time.

I have no motive to take down Schedueles Direct, I wish them well...
But I'm a bit sad for those who keep coming to this list asking for a
"free" or "cheaper" solution, even if it is of lesser quality, who get
pounded on for asking an honest question.

Yes, I wrote a few private emails after I left.  Mostly because after
I left, my name kept being used for ANYONE who was thought to oppose
Schedules Direct.  I don't like having words put in my mouth,
statements attributed to me that aren't mine, especially if I disagree
with them.  Wouldn't that bother you too?

Also, a "joke" about what might happen to me if I didn't stop WAS NOT
FUNNY.  It honestly didn't bother me much, but a couple people pointed
out to me that things like that can go wrong, and I shouldn't ignore
it.  Anyway, I don't THINK it amounts to much, but who knows who read
it, and what they were thinking.

If you wonder what the content of my "Private Harassing Email" stuff
is, here ya go, this is what I wrote Phil.  I wrote Phil because he
has his panties in a bunch.  It's almost as if he is thinking everyone
agrees with him, and only one person doesn't agree with him about
Schedules Direct, is just me using another names...

I've never been afraid to use my real name, I'm not doing anything
Illegal...  But I'll talk about it all day long, you know how fast you
COULD drive a new Porsche on the freeway?


I am not "kijuhty kijuhty," I don't know your motive to continue to
insist I am, other than maybe just to annoy me?

Whoever "kijuhty kijuhty" is, they apparently are hoping for the
downfall of Schedules Direct.  I wish no such thing.  I think the more
options the better.

I've repeatedly said I don't mind Schedules Direct existing.

It pissed me off when people would pretend it was the only choice.  It
pissed me of to seem them make statements about EIT not working, and
it pissed me off that one couldn't talk about other options without
drawing a huge flame war.  Schedules Direct  is just not the ONLY
choice, the technology exists to gather, organize, and distribute
lesser quality data for free.

That's very different than wanting Schedules Direct to go away.  By
repeatedly insisting that it's me that wants Schedules Direct to go
away bothers me.  For a very simple reason...  I'm the one that was
trying to find more ease of use for MORE options.

I ran into resistance by people who keep trying to make it a simple
"all this, or all that, can't have both" fight.  I gave up, and I'll
tell you this, it sounds like your arguing with an idiot that you
shouldn't even be acknowledging.

Ask yourself this, what the hell is his motive?  Mine was more
options.  Yours is to defend a data source.  Both of those make SOME
sense to me.

His is to take down some organization he doesn't like?  That's
something to stupid to even respond to...

"And stop harassing me via private email, as well."

I'll do that the very moment you stop mentioning my name on a public
list that I'm not even subscribed to....  Deal?


There ya go, flame away... I'm outa' here.  Have fun!  I wish you all
the best, many people here ARE very helpful...

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