[mythtv-users] *Why* we'd prefer discussions about questionably legal activities to go somewhere else.

Paul Huber paul2004x at gmail.com
Sun Sep 9 15:31:12 UTC 2007

RE: "wish for that data stream to *remain* available ... You *can*, in point
of fact, fuck things up for the rest of us who are perfectly happy to

Actually I don't think those guys can do any harm because I'm pretty sure
TMS would have to keep the data stream available no matter what.  If they
ever shut down SD not only would they lose paying customers, but I'll bet it
would make it much harder for them to go after the non-paying scrapers who
could then argue they would have paid for the data but chose scraping
because TMS shut down SD and so scraping was their only choice.

Example: The music industry sues people who choose to get music on p2p
instead of buying it lawfully.  If the music industry said they were fed up
and therefore were going to stop selling music at all through any means and
that everyone should just stop listening to music, then not only would they
lose those paying customers, but they'd have a hard time suing the p2p users
who would argue that they would have lawfully purchased the music had that
been an option, but the music industry forced them to use p2p.

This battle may clutter the mailing lists but I doubt it poses any threat to
SD and so we're all better off to just ignore it and eventually they'll tire
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