[mythtv-users] did i understand this right

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sun Sep 9 14:23:56 UTC 2007

On 09/09/2007 10:13 AM, Andrew Burgess wrote:
>> I used to use MythStream, but it has the serious disadvantage that it's
>> a visual plugin and I don't want to cycle the bulb on my TV just to
>> "turn on the radio."  I used it "in the blind" for a while, but
>> occasionally would "get lost," so, eventually, I gave up and wrote a
>> (hack of a script) that basically plays my "favorite" 'net radio station
>> using mplayer.  I use irexec to call the script for a remote button press.
> Consider using voice prompts over the same speakers the radio plays.
> With my home automation system, I can select radio mode, then as I up/down 
> channel, I get the call letters spoken as I change stations.

I have a poor-man's equivalent in my script--it basically plays an intro
before starting playback of the stream.  My intros are typically the
station identifier cut from the stream.

Out of curiosity, though, what are you using to get the spoken call
letters?  Are you using some TTS program?  I looked into doing that
(before taking the time to cut out station ID's), but it seemed festival
was the best package but very much unmaintained (at least it doesn't
work with any relatively recent GCC and I don't feel like putting on all
the cruft required to make it work on my system).  Are you using
something better?



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