[mythtv-users] Need Help with HDHomerun

William Munson william_munson at bellsouth.net
Sun Sep 9 13:28:01 UTC 2007

Mailing Lists wrote:
> Ok, I have a setup that's at least scanning and finding channels on the
> HDR, but it only finds one channel unencrypted.
> Some places say scan, others say don't.  I try scanning -- using
> us-cable, unencrypted only, qam-256 (and tried qam-64). 
> Shouldn't I be able to get the 70 regular cable channels that I have?
> What exactly can I expect -- I'm using Rogers in Ottawa as my source.
> Thanks
You should be able to get any unencripted channel you receive however 
there are some issues with mythtv and the hdhr on a cable system.

Do you have a windows box on your network? If so install the hdhr 
monitor software and manually tune channels with that.  This is just to 
verify that you do indeed receive your channels in the clear. There are 
also linux tools however I have not tried them.

On the myth box your settings of us-cable, qam-256, un-encripted only 
should work. On most cable systems they do not label their channels so 
your results will return as unknown for all channels. Sorting thru them 
and figuring out what channel is what is the biggest pain but is not 
impossible. Use the channel editor to make changes.

If you are only receiving one channel after a scan your timeout values 
may be too small. Try doubling them.

Good luck.

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