[mythtv-users] No /dev/lirc

Peter Watkins peterw at tux.org
Sun Sep 9 13:15:33 UTC 2007

On Sun, Sep 09, 2007 at 01:16:02AM -0500, Don Doumakes wrote:
> Peter Watkins wrote:
> > If you're using the StreamZap USB receiver, you want the
> > lirc_streamzap kernel module, not lirc_mceusb2.
> Beautiful.  Now there's a /dev/lirc0, and irw runs without blowing up
> lircd, which is definite forward progress.  There's no output to the
> console when I press buttons on the remote, though.  Guess I could use a
> second clue.

You're running irw as root (for now)? Does the LED on the StreamZap 
receiver illuminate when you send codes? Have you tried other remote
controls you have lying around? (I actually have not used the StreamZap
remote itself; my universal remote emulates the old Hauppauge PVR-350
remote that I used in my first MythTV system.)

> lsmod | grep lirc
> lirc_streamzap         17540  0
> lirc_dev               18504  1 lirc_streamzap
> usbcore               154416  7
> pl2303,usbserial,lirc_streamzap,usbhid,ohci_hcd,ehci_hcd

That looks right. My Feisty system has other modules depending on
usbcore (to be expected), but that's what my module list looks like,
including the size column.


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