[mythtv-users] Myth svn 14461 Seg faulting on scanning HDHomeRun

Mailing Lists mlists at dressler.ca
Sun Sep 9 11:19:50 UTC 2007

>> Good to know -- thanks.  I'm going to set up a separate 
>>back-end with
>> the patches and see if I can get a decent scan.  
>> What cable company are you with?  I would think scanning 
>>and properly
>> getting channels would be dependent on the cable 
>>company's config?  Not
>> sure.
>> Anyways, I'll give that a try and let you know.
>> Norm
> The cable system here is comcast. Not sure what patches 
>you are talking 
> about. Myth supports the hdhr directly and I would be 
>highly suspect of 
> any patch. Set that backend up as a stock checkout with 
>hdhr support 
> enabled and anything you dont need on that backend 
>disabled. Do your 
> channel scanning and get things the way you like. Do 
>your patches and 
> even if they bork the scanning you will still have your 

The patches I apply are not for the HDR but for my DVB-S 
card.  I'm now running a separate backend without any of 
these patches to get things working.


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