[mythtv-users] linux updates suck

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sun Sep 9 01:27:59 UTC 2007

Kevin Hulse wrote:
 	No, lirc and ivtv just tend to be a big pain in the ass.
> Even the niftiness of Debian doesn't necessarily counteract that.
> Besides, if it's going to screw up Ubuntu then Debian will probably
> have the same exact problem.

If your definition of "a big pain in the ass" is "something that makes
my Myth system work" then I agree. MythTV would be a lot less useful
without the much-appreciated efforts from both of those teams.

Nothing worthwhile comes without effort.

IMHO the real problem is that the Linux kernel itself has become such a
moving target that it is hard for groups like LIRC/IVTV to keep up with
the efforts of Linus and Co. to "not be bored".


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