[mythtv-users] mac mini - smooth hd frontend?

kent kent at watsen.net
Sun Sep 9 00:38:33 UTC 2007

I'm looking for a frontend-only for smooth ATSC playback for 720p and 
1080i.  I like the idea of investing in Mac Mini as I can repurpose it 
when needed, but the big question for me is if its good enough?    The 
"Choosing Frontend Hardware" Wiki page doesn't say anything supportive 
for the Mac Mini, though it clearly says that the AppleTV is "Not 
ATSC-HD Capable"...  So what am I to think? - is the Mac Mini a good 
frontend-only for HD ATSC playback? - do I need to get the 2.0 GHz 
version or is the 1.83 GHz version sufficient?


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