[mythtv-users] Another hardware spec test/question

William Pettersson enigma at strudel-hound.com
Sat Sep 8 23:38:56 UTC 2007

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Mitch Gore wrote:
> On 9/7/07, *Nedim Cholich* <mythtv at cholich.com
> <mailto:mythtv at cholich.com>> wrote:
>     On 9/7/07, *William Pettersson* <enigma at strudel-hound.com
>     <mailto:enigma at strudel-hound.com> > wrote:
>         So, will my Pentium Dual Core (not Core2Duo), Intel 950GMA and
>         2GB of
>         RAM handle 1080p?  720p?  Ninja turtles?
>     Not sure if it can handle all four ninja turtles at the same time
>     though. Maybe 2, 3 tops. Depends on how fast they're flying if your
>     xvmc driver supports motion compensation.
>     On a more serious note, good nvidia card (7300GS or 7600GS with
>     passive cooling) with xvmc should be able to handle 720p/1080i. Not
>     sure about 1080p, I have not seen any content yet.
>     When you upgrade your back-end, get HDHomeRun. It's awesome! 
> I would say you should be good.  I wouldnt get that much memory.  I am
> currently running HD with  only 512mb of old reused memory. 2gb is way
> overkill.  I would go with a gig at most.  Also consier a motherboard
> that has built in Nvidia graphics card w/DVI.  That way you can do
> Mitchell

Yeah I might cut back on memory.  The Nvidia thing is harder though.  I
can't find many Mini-ITX boards with Nvidia onboard, and the only ones I
do find are 6150 GeForce.  Sure, it's nice, but I don't know whether
it's really that much better than a 950GMA.  I also figure that with
this motherboard, I can actually slot in an PCI-E x16 video card, so I
can find some silent Nvidia low profile card and hopefully slot it in if
I need more grunt in the future.

On that note, if anyone has any good recommendations for a mini-itx
board which has gigabit ethernet (not really neccessary, but nice to
have), decent onboard video (Nvidia, 7000-series or greater I guess) and
can support a semi-decent processor, drop me a line.  I don't have a
great deal of money, but I am willing to do this frontend "right", so I
don't want to skimp out on parts only to suffer for it later.

And thanks for the advice so far, too.

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