[mythtv-users] Problems after upgrade from 18.1 to 20.2

Mat Kyne matkyne at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 8 19:38:28 UTC 2007

>Well I upgraded for the listings. I had been putting it off due to the
"if it ain't broke . . . " philosophy, but >it was time. I had been
running a HDTV FE/BE combo that served 3 remote frontends on a Fedora
Core 4 >install forever and all was well. I decided to upgrade with
MythDora 4.0, which is a very slick piece of >software I might add.
Installation went smoothly but the actual usage gave me 3 or 4 problems
that I am >working on right now that I can't seem to find on the Wiki or
in the Mailing Lists Archives. Here are the >problems I am having, Sorry
this is going to be a long post =). 
The audio from live TV and recordings is spotty at best. I mean it is
silent for like 2 minutes and then >there is audio for a minute or two
and nothing again, rinse repeat. Sound works, I am passing AC3 via
>SPDIF to my receiver, MythMusic works fine, Movies stored on my hard
drive with 5.1 surround work fine, >old HDTV (DVB HD3000 card)
recordings played through Xine work fine (I have not tried to play them
with >Myth's default player because I dumped the Database when I
upgraded). I am sure that there is a config >file somewhere that has a
comment that needs to be either added or subtracted, but I can't find

I fixed the first problem. I figured it out when I tried to use the built in Myth DVD player and got crappy audio too. Sound was working everywhere BUT in MythTV. So I went back to the Wiki and read the entire thing over again. What I had done wrong was place a check mark in the box that said to use the video as a time base for playing video. If you are using SPDIF, this is a no no. 

After I unchecked the box, SHAZAM! it worked good as new. Now I am off to figure out my xorg.conf file problem, and when I get it fixed, I will post it here so the next time I upgrade or screw things up I will have a reference for my TV. 
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